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Coupon Inserts 2022

What makes us different from other companies? 

** Get some of the BEST coupon inserts at your door each week!

** We Ship Inserts out the THURSDAY before they come out!

** We have the higher value coupon insert shipping from the Miami region. 

** You pay the same shipping we do, no up charges. We use USPS Flat Rate 2-3 day shipping.

Ready to Get Started? 

Pick your plan below when you buy coupon inserts and they will be on the way today! You will receive a tracking code in your email.

Most places around the country are paying over $2 per paper. You are paying LESS per paper with higher coupon values inside. We also ship out coupons BEFORE the release date.

We also offer the cheapest 2-3 DAY shipping of $6.35 for USPS Flat Rate included in the price. 

Example of Plans when you buy coupon inserts: If you are on the 4 inserts a week plan and we only have 1 insert that week- you will receive 4 inserts. If we have 2 inserts that week you will receive 8 inserts, if we have 3 inserts that week you will receive 12 inserts total. You pay the same price each week regardless of how many inserts. Just like you were buying the paper.

We also ship out coupons BEFORE the release date. You can cancel anytime. You can also send us an email on weeks with no inserts for a full refund. 

Coupon Inserts 2021
The Coupon Inserts are FREE- you are paying for time to collect and sort inserts…this is very time consuming and takes many people to get your inserts to your door in time. You are paying for a service.